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September 2015:  Susan Brench, Briar Chemical’s Commercial Manager, proudly represented the Company on a trade mission of 13 UK based companies sponsored by the UKTI and led by the CIA (Chemical Industries Association).

Outside of the programme organised by the trade mission, business development visits were also independently undertaken by Susan to potential new customers.

The trade mission programme included:

  • Meetings with major innovator Crop Protection players with significant operations based in the USA. These sessions were an excellent forum for information exchange; the host companies made presentations, each participating company in the mission gave a 90 second sales pitch, and there was a “speed dating” and networking session. Briar Chemical’s offering is well positioned for the crop protection sector given our synthesis capabilities complemented by finished product formulation.
  • Participation at the Speciality and Agrochemicals America trade show, at which Susan had pre-booked a number of meetings.
  • A seminar at the British Embassy in Washington DC to debate the proposed US-EU trade agreement (TTIP), at which a delegation of high profile policy decision makers were present to network with the UK mission members.
Susan Brench discusses US-EU trade opportunities at the British Embassy in Washington
Susan Brench discusses the proposed US-EU trade agreement at the British Embassy in Washington DC

Outside of the European Union, the US is by far the UK chemical sector’s largest trading partner, and the combined bilateral trade in chemicals and pharmaceuticals between the two nations exceeds $14 billion per annum. Further business opportunities between the US and UK are expected to evolve with the advent of the EU/USA Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement.

See the attached publication for more information about TTIP.

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