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Briar Chemicals takes its responsibility to safeguard the environment very seriously. Our aim is to minimise the impact on the environment from our activities.

Each year we spend more than £6 million to maintain and improve site infrastructure. Our facilities include:

  • Fentox® hydrogen peroxide oxidation effluent treatment plant (commissioned 2014 by Eisenmann)
  • Waste treatment, at source, on a number of our production units
  • Treatment and recycle of copper salts
  • Solvent recovery and recycle
  • Final onsite treatment of aqueous effluent prior to discharge to 3rd party treatment facilities
  • Real-time analysis of effluent discharges using state of the art analytical techniques (including ICP-OES for metals analysis)
  • Comprehensive fire detection systems across the site
  • Firefighting water distribution linked to on-plant fire suppression systems
  • 3600m3 firefighting water tank and full containment of all potential fire water run-off
  • Collection and testing of all rainwater run-off prior to discharge to 3rd party treatment facilities
Wildlife habitat
Wildlife habitats around the site

Wildlife habitatWildlife habitatWe operate strictly to our Environmental Management system which conforms to the requirements of BS EN 14001:2004. A copy of our certificate can be downloaded here.

ISO 14001:2015

Our Environmental Policy can be downloaded here.Wildlife habitat

Environmental Policy

Briar Chemicals is a member of the Chemical Industries Association and EFCG (CEFIC), and adheres to the guiding principles of Responsible Care ®.