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Briar Chemicals offers an extensive range of solids and liquids manufacturing assets, with a total reactor capacity in excess of 700 m3.

Once a process has been optimised in our laboratories (on a scale from grams to 50 litres), it is scaled up onto one of our manufacturing units.

  • Reaction vessels range from 2.3mto 25m3. Materials of construction include glass lined MS, stainless steel, hastelloy, and titanium
    • Glycol cooling/heating enables us to provide jacket services between  -17 deg C and  + 90 deg C
    • Steam heating allows jacket services at pressures up to 17 barg
    • Hot oil systems provide heating up to 250 deg C
  • Diverse range of solids handling equipment in a variety of materials of construction (including hastelloy): pan and rotary paddle driers, centrifuges, pressure filters, belt filters, rotary sieves, milling equipment
  • Batch and continuous distillation
  • Recovery and recycle of solvents and copper salts
  • Bulk storages for raw materials, intermediates and finished products
  • Specialist handling facilities for ammonia, bulk bromine, iodine, cyanides, hydrogen peroxide, sulphur dioxide, thionyl chloride
  • Stand-alone Formulation and Packing facility comprising batch formulations from 4,000 litres to 27,000 litres, 6 automated packing lines from bulk down to 0.25 litre packs, extensive warehousing and bulk storage facilities for both raw materials and finished products
  • Effluent treatment and fire water retention facilities
  • An on-site Combined Heat and Power plant affords a flexible approach to electricity generation