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Employee Engagement

The management of the company is fully committed to keeping its employees informed of material matters which affect them both in the short and longer term. This information is communicated in a variety of forms and frequency depending on the nature and importance of the information being disseminated.

This includes but not limited to:-

• Regular monthly and quarterly meetings with the Union, in which we discuss topics of interest and concerns, business updates which directly or indirectly impact the workforce including the company’s financial performance.
• Regular communications to all employees on Covid-19 security; the effects on working conditions for employees, risk assessments on working practices and how hygiene and social distancing measures are critical for both protecting ourselves as individuals and protecting the Company’s ongoing ability to operate. We continue to work with the Union, Safety Reps, employees and visiting contractors to maintain a Covid-19 secure site.
• Regular email communication from the CEO to the workforce, which addresses matters of interest or news inside and outside the organisation.
• Managers are encouraged to cascade relevant information discussed at monthly management meetings with their teams.
• Strategy statement incorporating core values for the company being displayed on notice boards, posters throughout the site.
• Weekly QHSE updates.
• E-mail announcements on strategic decisions likely to affect the company’s business performance.
• Monthly team briefings to site providing the workforce with business updates per department, updates on recruitment and staff departures and innovation projects.

Other Stakeholders

The company views as key to its success positive interactions with all other stakeholders including customers, suppliers and other relevant parties, such as government agencies and the local community. There are on-going periodic communications and interactions with all of these parties including:

• Weekly, monthly and quarterly conference calls and meetings with customers to review performance to date (delivery, quality, price, responsiveness, etc.), future business requirements and any other relevant information
• Periodic meetings with suppliers to discuss performance and on-going requirements
• Regular communications with the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) and the Environment Agency.
• Sponsorship of the Norwich Science Festival
• Engagement with the local council to keep them informed on future plans and effects on the local community
• Regular newsletters are sent to local residents to keep our neighbours up-to-date with company news and developments, and site visits are actively encouraged. The company hosts regular community forums and open evenings, where topical issues are discussed, and we offer help to local causes wherever possible. The company has developed its own biodiversity programme with the help of Norfolk Wildlife Services, which has involved local school children with wild flower, hedgerow, tree planting and bird box buildings, as well as helping local children’s nurseries establish gardens of their own.
• In 2006 the company was presented with the Chemical Industry Association’s “Community Award” and since then the company’s work with local schools has gone from strength to strength. The annual Poetry Competition, established in 2005, receives 100s of entries every year from schools all over the region. Every year the company hosts local “Year in Industry” students, work placements and apprenticeships, as well as supporting career days, promoting work in science and engineering based industries. Briar Chemicals has facilitated special workshops which promote the message “Science learning is fun”, supporting the Schools Carbon Challenge and the UEA’s Science Olympiad and MBA programmes. The Company also hosts annual Science Investigation Days and presents Child Safety Education Foundation booklets to its neighbouring schools.

The company operates to the highest standards for business conduct and is a member of the CIA (Chemical Industries Association) and participates in regular meetings to review on-going issues within the industry and help develop best practice, both in commercial terms and with regard to environmental and regulatory matters

S172 Statement