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Briar Chemicals firefighters visited pupils at Henderson Green Community Primary School this week to deliver a key message about how to stay safe around fire.

Fire Safety Officer Sam Fisher visited a reception class of 24 children, aged 4-5 years old, to teach them about fire safety in the home and how to alert someone if necessary.

The visit, coordinated by Emma Barber, Reception Class Teacher of Henderson Green Community Primary School, formed part of the school’s work on “People who keep us safe” helping educate the children about people in and around the community. Emma said;

It is important children know how to respond and how to keep themselves safe. Working with Briar Chemicals the children have had the opportunity to learn these safety messages in a safe, fun way.

The children were given a tour of the fire engine, one of the two engines based at Briar’s site, and learnt about the equipment and what it is used for. The children had the opportunity to practise their aim by trying to knock a football off the top of a cone using the hose, whilst wearing one of the red fire safety hats and they even got to sit inside the fire engine. Earlier in the morning, in preparation for the visit, the children had been drawing pictures of fire engines.

Children enjoying trying the fire safety equipment
Children enjoying trying the fire safety equipment

Sam Fisher, one of the five full-time firefighters at Briar said; “I enjoy getting involved in educating young people about fire safety. It helps them to identify potential hazards and be more aware about how to keep both themselves and their families safer.”

The children really enjoy it; it’s about making learning fun and interesting for them whilst getting across an important message.

Firefighters show Henderson Green pupils around fire engine
Henderson Green pupils have a look around Briar Chemicals fire engine

Briar Chemicals has been working closely with schools in the local community for many years and as part of their community relations programme have facilitated science and nature related activities promoting ‘Science learning is fun’.