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On Tuesday 22nd March a Science Boffin visited West Earlham Infant and Nursery School in Norwich to help them learn how fun science is by creating some crazy experiments for the youngsters.

Following on from British Science week, children aged 5 to 7 years old had the opportunity to watch and learn from a Science Boffin during workshops arranged by Briar Chemicals as part of their schools’ programme “Making Science Learning Fun”.

The Science Boffins run workshops full of fun and excitement for schools nationwide. Their entertaining stories and spectacular experiments always need young volunteers and press-ganged teachers.

Crystal Rodrigues, science coordinator and class teacher at the school, organised a whole day of fun science activities to promote curiosity and learning among the classes.

It is really to give more of a focus on science in the school. The children have been really excited all day and have absolutely loved it.

Science Boffin Ady conducted workshops throughout the day, bringing together some fascinating visual effects. The children learnt about static electricity with the use of a plasma ball and carried out experiments passing electricity through their bodies in order to light a fluorescent tube. They even gave each other electric shocks on their noses!

Fun science experiments with the Science Boffin organised by Briar Chemicals
Pupils enjoying participating in science week making green slime

The children also learnt about polymers and how they are used to make slime. The technique was fascinating and they were able to take home pots of green slime.

Pupils at West Earlham school said they had a wonderful time during their Science Day. Six-year-old Max, from Elm class said;

I want to be a scientist when I’m older because I like doing experiments and seeing what happens.

Ciaran, five-years-old of Silver Birch class said;

I like science because it’s amazing. When the science man put the chemicals in the tube it was awesome because I couldn’t believe it, there was foam everywhere!

These workshops help to bring Science to life for the young pupils, helping them to remember the important messages that are being put across in an engaging way.  As well as being informative, practical and entertaining it is important that it is memorable. Tim Green, Site Manager at Briar Chemicals explains: “It is experiences like these workshops that will stick in the children’s minds for years to come and remind them that science can be both exciting and relevant”.

Briar Chemicals supports local schools, providing educational activities for local children to help them learn about how interesting and fun science really is.