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Briar Chemicals celebrated the 2nd Norwich Science Festival by sponsoring the Chemistry Day held at The Forum in Norwich.

Throughout the nine days of the festival, people were invited to explore the wonders of the universe, meet with scientists from across the region to learn and take part in hands-on fun-filled science experiments and activities.

At this year’s festival, Briar Chemicals worked alongside the East Anglian section of the Royal Society of Chemistry to build a giant model of the crystal structure of Sodium Chloride throughout the day. Youngsters were asked to help decorate a polystyrene ball in either green (chloride) or silver (sodium), which was added to the model.

Briar Chemicals Norwich Science Festival
Sodium Chloride structure built by chemistry student volunteers

The impressive structure, built by student volunteers from Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form, University Technical College Norfolk and East Norfolk College, was displayed in The Forum for the remainder of the festival.

Tim Green, Site Manager at Briar Chemicals, said: “Our ethos is to explore, inspire and achieve; encouraging all stakeholders to play a part in educating the next generation for scientists.

Briar is passionate about encouraging young people to develop an interest in science and the science festival is a fantastic platform.

Norwich Science Festival offers youngsters the chance to learn more about science and in particular, how chemistry is all around them in their everyday life.

Briar Chemicals Norwich Science Festival 2017
Briar volunteers at the Norwich Science Festival Chemistry Day

Briar Chemicals works with local schools promoting science learning as fun as part of their Science in Schools programme and are delighted that the Norwich Science Festival has returned for a 2nd year, building on last year’s success.

Briar continues to support science-themed events such as the Norwich Science Festival; inspiring young people with the wonder of science and encouraging them to become scientists of the future.