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Briar Chemicals: Press statement 16/09/2021


Robert Cranston was a valued and respected member of the wider Briar Chemicals team; his loss had a profound effect on the company and our staff that knew and worked with him.

The Company has made significant changes and improvements within the systems at Briar Chemicals since the accident took place, and the company deeply regrets that a husband, father, son and friend did not return home.

Briar accepts responsibility, and after significant co-operation with the HSE during their investigation this has culminated in a guilty plea to the offence and the sentence imposed today by the court.

Briar Chemicals again expresses it condolences to the Cranston family and their friends, and deeply regrets the circumstances that led to the accident.

What happened on that tragic day will not be forgotten, and neither will the lessons we have learnt from it.